Sunday, July 31, 2016

Fishin' with Dad

Daddy & Me a fishin'

Today me and my Daddy are fishing,
Waiting, watching & wishing.
We are waiting for just one bite,
But there’s no fish in sight.
I feel a tug, I see the bobber dip,
Daddy Reels it in before the fish can slip.
I jump up and down,
And of course all around.
I caught my first fish
Daddy & I got our wish!

There is something special for John and Avery when they go out to the pond and fish together. It is something I probably won't understand because it is a guy thing and I am ok with this because I love to watch their relationship grow through this experience. Avery gets so excited when John asks him if he wants to go fish. Just the other day John got Avery his own tackle box. It came in the mail this weekend and tonight will be his first time to use it. He is ecstatic! 
I don't know what happens when they go out to the little pond out in Lascassas. Some of that is probably a good thing! But one thing I do know is laughter happens there, love happens there, self confidence is built there, memories are made there. This time they spend is so valuable and I just soak it all up. I am grateful they have these moments together.
I am glad they make time for these moments. I am glad John makes sure Avery is part of these times. I look forward to the day when Reed Morgan goes along and together they fish!

One of their first trips to the pond!

"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

NayNay's 62nd Birthday

July 16, 1954 at 10:30pm my Mama entered the world. I love the post she posted to Facebook, both my parents have such a beautiful way with words. Here was her post.
"Well it is official at exactly 10:30p.m. I entered this world 62 years ago. Now really that takes my breath away but then I look back and I thank God for every minute and every person that has added so much to my life. I am grateful to all of you who have sent me good wishes and I pray we all have a beautiful year together . Thanks for being my friends in the past,the present , and of course the ever important future…"

Birthdays are important to me, always have been. A day to celebrate that someone you love so much who was born and made it another year in this world. Our lives are gifts and to have another year of health, happiness and life is a reason to celebrate! Besides who doesn't love a day to have something sweet to eat and a party? 

This year Mama's birthday fell on a Saturday. I always love when that happens because that means we can celebrate all day! We started off the morning with pedicures, something we really enjoy doing together! Lunch followed at a local restaurant on the Square, Marinas. It was delicious! We couldn't venture far this year because I am still nursing and had to be home to feed Reed. After stopping by the house,we we went out shopping to some fun boutiques around town. 

Ready to spend the day together!

Our toes! Mama had the bright red and I went with a sparkly rose color!

For the birthday dinner, we went back to my parent's house to cookout. Dad and John got steaks and corn from the farmer's market. I made twice baked potatoes and squash. Mom tossed together a salad, because she knows how to make the best. My favorite thing I made though was her birthday cake. It was my first time to ever make a cake from scratch…Chocolate Coco Cola Cake!! It was heavenly! I think we may have started a new tradition!! 
(Pictures are from the day before when I made the cake…check out that homemade icing!)

We ended the night opening presents. Mama really wanted a new bike so Dad got her one! Avery was so excited to give it to her. He wanted to take his bike to their house so they could ride together. I think she felt like a kid again riding it. What is it about riding a bike that takes you back to being free and young?! Avery and her rode around the street for a while, I loved watching it. Next up is to get a bike is Dad and then we can all go ride bikes together on the Greenway!


Happy Birthday Mama!! You are truly a gift to us and our lives are brighter, happier and much more fun because of you! May this be the start of a beautiful year that brings you much happiness and love!! 

4th of July Festivities

There is something about a warm summer night, fireworks, sparklers and a cookout that make me want a big ole block party. If you have ever watched The Sandlot, you have seen the block party they had in their neighborhood to celebrate the 4th of July. That is what I would love to do one day. Just a huge block party with all kinds of yummy treats, kids playing all over together, neighbors/friends sitting around enjoying each other's company. I have always been a block party kind of girl. For the 4th this year, we had our own kind of block party at my parents house. We got there early and had some pool time in the backyard. Mom and I got out the corn hole boards and played a round. We had friends come over and have a wonderful meal together. Dad's birthday is July 6th so it wouldn't be the 4th without celebrating him too. We had homemade strawberry cake and ice cream for dessert just for him. John got out the rest of our sparklers and lit those. Avery is still figuring them out. So far it seems like a love/hate relationship.
Reed Morgan's 1st 4th 

Our patriotic swimmer

Reed wearing Avery's bubble from the 4th a few years back!

Giving a thumbs up for the 4th

Original 3 

A good firework show has always been something I enjoy. I love watching them and seeing the colors light up the night sky. No matter the weather or how tired we are, I do not like to miss the fireworks. That night we were all exhausted! There was a big chance of a storm, but I didn't care. I had to go see the fireworks! The great thing was we got to see the fireworks and the rain hit right when we pulled into the driveway! So glad we went. Everyone had a great time!

We were in the spirit! 

Glow necklaces and wand, sunglasses, flag, he was partying like a rock star!
America! America! God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

Happy 4th!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Aunt Jessica Comes to Visit and Compton Cookout

Aunt Jessica came in Friday and spent a couple days with us. Before she got here, we met my parents for dinner at Chuys a fabulous tex mex place in town!! We are all wearing orange in our picture in memory of Pat Summit, the Lady Vols basketball coach, who passed earlier in the week.

 Jessica got here shortly after we got home from dinner. She came in from Oxford, MS. I know she was worn out after her long drive. She hasn't seen us in a couple of months and couldn't believe how much Reed had changed in such a short time. It really is amazing how much babies change in just one year.  This is probably one of my favorite pictures of the two of them.

We started out Saturday by the pool. Aunt Jessica hasn't seen what an excellent swimmer Avery has become. He had so much fun showing Jessica his pool! 

After lunch and nap time, we took Avery and Reed Morgan to see Finding Dory. John hasn't been to the movies with Avery yet and he couldn't wait to take him to see this movie. Avery has only seen one other movie in the theater, Rio. We saw it last summer. He does such a good job at the movies. Reed Morgan didn't disappoint with is behavior either! He did awesome. The boy watched the movie, ate and slept. It was amazing! 

After the movie, we went to dinner. The night turned out to be absolutely beautiful so we played outside for awhile. Some of our neighbors got an early start with fireworks so we got to enjoy some of those too! We sure enjoyed getting some time with Aunt Jessica! She had to leave Sunday morning and we were sad to see her go!

On Sunday we started by making 4th of July crafts. When Avery was little I was so good at making lots of crafts. I feel like I haven't been doing as good in this department with Reed Morgan. I am trying to get better because these crafts are some of my most special keepsakes! 

Reed's smile is so cute! I think it was tickling his foot! I love how  Avery's fireworks turned out! 

Sunday night our friends, The Comptons, came over for a cookout. We wanted to get the boys some sparklers and other kid-friendly fireworks. I love this picture of Avery and John looking at the fireworks! John got Avery, Carter and Reed Morgan an American flag too!


We had so much fun with Heather, Kyle and Carter. We grilled out and I tried a new honey mustard marinade for our chicken. It will be something we will use again. Very good! Dinner was followed with birthday cake ice cream in waffle bowls. The little boys loved it! We were planning to go to the pool but by the time we got done eating we decided sprinklers and sparklers would be a much better combination for the 4th of July weekend. Of course we just went ahead and let them enjoy the sprinklers in their underwear!

He was thirsty!
The boys! Best buds!

Sparkler Fun! Reed enjoyed it until John lit one of the fireworks that sounded like a machine gun. 

I just love this picture! Someone is in the spirit!
What a great way to celebrate the weekend! 4th of July fun up next!

Mountains Part III

Our morning started out on the leisurely side. We had breakfast in our condo. I had made cream cheese sausage balls and muffins, so we decided we better eat those up! We took our time getting ready and then headed back to downtown Gatlinburg. One of my mom's favorite place to grab lunch is Pancake Pantry. Of course, we had to go back and have lunch there. I didn't complain because I just love their fresh cut french fries and horseradish dip! YUMMY! Before every meal Avery would say wait we got to sing God our Father. I got a couple pictures of him praying. Seeing him sing this little song is one of the sweetest things ever.
Praying <3 
I love how his trains are in so many pictures!
 Before leaving downtown we visited a few more stores and snuck in a few more pictures!
Avery lined up his trains and wanted to take a picture of them. He was so proud of his trains! I will miss the day when he doesn't play with them anymore. 
Bruddy Pictures get me every time! :) 

The whole crew!
If my mom could have a part time job, it should be a travel agent. She is so good at planning trips and coming up with fun and different things to do. This time she thought it would be fun to take Avery to a kiddy place to ride rides. Since Reed is too small for Dollywood, we found this little place called Bear Country. Avery has talked about it so much since we have been home! Mom was sweet to play with Reed Morgan so I got some one on one time with Avery. I sure enjoyed my time with him!

Ready for his adventure
First up the swings! 

This was his favorite! I rode it with him! I loved his laugh!
His smile was huge as he rode these bouncing cars!

Riding the boats…I didn't want to get my hair wet because it was clean and fixed which is a miracle. However, my mom told this random man to make sure he drenched me out there. Mission accepted and completed. I was soaked! I had no idea she told him to do it and I was trying to figure out why this creepy man was chasing me around the whole time! 

After the boats! We were wet! 
Last ride! He rode a few other rides too! It was so fun to watch him. Every stage is so much fun! 

To finish out the day we went to the outlet mall! The boys did a great riding in the strollers and hanging out. Nay Nay and I got to go and check out several stores. Dinner was at the Smoky Mountain Brewery. It was a delicious meal as always.  By the time we were done with our supper, it was time to head back to the room and pack up. We were exhausted. The past two days were jammed packed with lots of fun. Avery didn't nap four days in a row. He also went to bed late. I would say a good time was had by all. He wanted to get pancakes again before we left so the next morning after loading up we went back to our favorite, Pancake Pantry and filled up on those yummy pancakes! I just love it when we get away and come to the mountains. Always a fun and peaceful trip! Until next time……